Orthotics & Biomechanics

The term ‘orthotics’ is a broad one and can refer to a large number of devices used for a range of treatments. These may be simple devices or complex. They may be pre-made or custom or semi-custom. They may be soft or hard. Generally speaking orthotics are devices podiatrists use to alter foot function and mechanics to address a specific concern.

We use them to treat conditions such as:

  • foot and lower leg pains,
  • knee, hip and back pain
  • sporting injuries
  • flat feet or feet that roll in
  • in-toe or out toe gait – especially in children
  • arthritic feet
  • foot fatigue pains – especially in people who work on their feet
  • many other conditions

Due to the large number of different orthotic types available it is particularly important that the correct diagnosis is made and that the correct type of orthotic is prescribed for each individual. Being prescribed the wrong type of orthotic can cause potential injury and delay your recovery. As well it is a waste of your money and time.

When you visit us we take a detailed history of your concern and perform a thorough assessment of your area of concern as well as your gait, mechanics, posture and foot structure. We will then discuss with you what we feel to be the best treatment plan for you. Regularly no orthotics are required and we are able to successfully treat many of our patients through the use of stretching and strengthening programs, strapping and footwear advice. If orthotics are required we will discuss with you the different options such as using a prefabricated device or a custom device or semi custom device. We take into account what needs to be achieved whilst considering your lifestyle, preferred footwear and budget.

You will find our prices among the most competitive in Newcastle and if you have private health insurance you may be able to claim the majority of the cost which we can process for you on site with you only paying any gap.